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Good morning ladies, How soon before the delivery day do you make your cakes? I was wondering if I could bake the cake, wrap them up and store them (unfilled). But not sure how many days ahead? Do any of you do this?I work 6 days a week so the cakes are done evenings and Sundays. Was hoping to have all ready to go so I could have more time on the decorating! Please share you tips & suggestions!Thank you so much!! Trish
Wonderful!! Thank you ladies!!
Good afternoon all, How long can you keep a pre-made fondant pieces and how do u store it? I want to do a cake for next Friday - my first time working with fondant. I was thinking of starting to work with it to see how it will go. I need to make some letters and circles. Will they keep until next week? How should I package it and where to keep it? Thank you for your help!
I purchased my Cricut on the way home last night!! Along with the deep housing & blade. May I get any files you have too - Cakemommy and anyone else who may be willing to share: Thank you so much! I am so excited I found this website!! Trish
Thank you all!I've tried a few times to do a search on this site for Cricut but kept getting error messages. Will check out Linda's videos & youtube!
Ok - so I've used a Cricut for scrapbooking and love the idea of it for the cakes!However - do you stick the fondant to the sticky mat that comes with the Cricut? Or is there a special mat I should buy? I know I have to get the deep cut blade just wondering what else I should get. Thank you!
Thanks for replying Cat!Quick quesion to your reply - How do you tell what fillings need to be refridgerated? What is considered 'perishable'?
Hello!I have been looking through all the beautiful pictures posted for ideas and I'm getting ready to embark on my first fondant experience. I saw a lot of cakes frosted in the buttercream with fondant accents. I'm thinking this might be a good start for me, a little slower start to get used to working with fondant before trying to cover a complete cake.But I read not to put fondant in the fridge. So how does this work if you are supposed to keep buttercream in the fridge...
Aaarrrggh.... Last night I was making a cake and ran into a question...Can you re-cook a cake??I did the toothpick test and it was ok and the edges were browned so I pulled them out to cool. I know there is some extra cooking time during cool down and thought they were ok. Well when I was leveling the layers they didn't seem 100% done. And after a taste test it is a tiny bit under cooked. Should I have put totally cooled down cake back in the oven? Please share your...
Good morning all!I am new to the site and just started getting more creative in the last few months. I made a mocha frosting last night (coffe/chocolate) that turned out pretty good and then wanted to decorate it with chocolate shaved curls.I searched the site and found some pictures that looked really neat! I melted some dark and white chocolates, mixed and marbled them together in a plastic container and stuck it in the freezer to set up. It said to use a vegetable...
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