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I keep trying to upload under the galleries - but it's getting stuck when I select the folder to put under. I am choosing Holiday - St Patrick's Day then nothing else happens ?Wonder if it's my computer.
Good morning!How in the world do I upload a photo to my profile? And how would I put it in a forum post? I did my first fondant cake and wanted to show it with my questions.
Oohhh... good idea Edna - I'll try the crusting buttercream under the fondant!! I haven't used this recipe yet but am very interested - I'll get to play with 2 different things! I'm just an at home baker for friends, family and work and they're loving it!! They get all my 'play time' cakes! One day I hope to be able to rent a space... I'm in IL so it's illegal to do out of the house without proper licenses/space etc... I was even thinking of looking for a local baker who...
Thank you all! I'll be using a nice layer of butter cream - will be my first time covering a complete cake with fondant. Wish me luck - crossing my fingers it goes ok!!
I thought I saw a post somewhere about this but can't find it - sorry for the repeat question. (and for some reason my search keeps giving me error messages!)Anyhow - I am wondering if you use buttercream under your fondant? (not just the crumbcoat but a good layer) If people take off the fondant to eat the cake should I put buttercream underneath ? I have to use black fondant so using straight buttercream or the crusting buttercream is not an option. (I will be marbling...
Do you have to order the Tylose online ? I'm not seeing it my stores - I'm in the Southside Chicago area. Is there anything else that would work with the fondant to harden it ?
Great advise! Thank you!!
Hi Krissy,I posted the same question about the baking in the "how do I" forum... lot's of great replies! Go check it out!!
WONDERFUL!! Thank you so much!! I may try the freezing thing too - this would be a great idea for me!! (spend a day just doing all the baking!) Thank you! Thank you!!
I'm still waiting for mine too....
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