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I can't find any stores locally that have the diamond impression mat.I'm doing a cake for Friday and need to have the quilted look so I am wondering how to measure and draw the lines.Any help on how to do this? I am sitting here trying to draw it but it keeps turning out as just a triangle looking pattern (one single cross over in the middle)How do you draw the lines ?
BTW - if anyone can help me figure out what is wrong with my search please let me know... I can get the picture gallery, the recipe site but no forum results.
I'm sorry if this has been asked before, I tried to do searches but for some reason it doesn't work for me. How do I get the look of the cross pattern on a fondant covered cake? Do I find an impression mat or try to use a ruler? What works best for you guys ? I've attached a picture of what I am trying to do - the top layer of jaazza's cake.
Renaejrk - how would I make them small enough to look like 4mm or smaller dragees? Karensue - I will try this too!!Jill - thank you for the link - I emailed them to ask the size, they looked big but I can't tell.
Is there such a thing as brown dragees ? I'd like to do a brown & white cake - on tier being white fondant with quilting and putting brown dragees in the cross pattern. I'm doing a search online but can't seem to find any.Any suggestions?
Ok, so I used a paper plate to try and 'shield' the bottom half of the cake.I did do a strip of buttercream to catch the sugar crystals which I poured out of the corner of a ziplock bag. Not too bad, would do it again! Thank you for your replies!
I'm doing 2 margarita cakes - just finished up the first one and had a hard time getting the sugar only on the 'rim' of the cake, it also landed in the sides of the cake (all buttercream)How do I only get the sugar to rim the top and not fall and stick into the sides?
Anyone have any experience with Quick Pour Fondant Icing? I was thinking of trying this tonight on a cake.Any suggestions or helpful tips?I'll be trying the brush embroidery on it, lots of flowers for spring.
Thank you so much Angel! I'm going to be trying the embroidery technique tonight - should be fun!!
Hi everyone!I had my first 'play date' with fondant last night and have a few questions please.1 - How do you get fondant to stick to the crusting buttercream? 2 - What do you use to stick the dragee's onto fondant? 3 - Do you have any special method to marble fondant? I had to do it twice because the first batch got over blended. It was a fun experience and I will definately be trying this again soon! I'm going to try and include a picture.
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