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Very pretty! Did you post a final picture??Quick question - do the toothpick holes show? How do you make sure the little holes don't show?
I used vodka mixed with the shimmer dust last week to paint a bow but it left the surface a bit streaky and tacky (like it never fully dried).Is there something else I could use that would dry completely?
I do - will go that route - thank you!
No - I haven't done anything yet - didn't want to ruin it without asking first.I don't have blue fondant but I do have blue gel coloring. Will give a small batch a test run. Thanks!
Good morning everyone, How would I change the color of the pre-colored Purple Satin Ice to have more of a blueish color? Trying to match an invitation and it seems more blueish purple. Thank you!
I tried to attach directly to the fondant with bc - it was almost a sheer white with silver border and the bc picked up the coloring in the fondant (black) almost like it was bleeding through. I was using the pre-colored Satin Ice. So, that wasn't an option. And I needed more than just a touch of bc in the back, I was covering my fondant bottom, it didn't look very good at all. (only my 2nd time with fondant) So... after many different attempts to make the ribbon work I...
I have to add ribbon to a fondant cake - not by choice - but have to at this point. (running out of time and supplies)I don't have double sided tape - any other options for this?I tested a small area and if I don't use wax paper it's going to bleed through. (black fondant)
Good morning all!I just used Satin Ice last night for the first time and had one heck of a struggle with it! It was almost 'wet' feeling to me (my 1st time with fondant was the Wilton product, this is my 2nd attempt with fondant).It was sticking to everything! I had to use PS on my counter, rolling pin and my hands (multiple times). UGH!! (hence my other post about the PS - I have it all over my black fondant )After watching the video I'm wondering how I could have done...
How do I get the powdered sugar of the fondant?
Thank you dalis4joe & misdawn!!!
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