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How can I tell if the Crisco is the new trans-fat free version? Should it show in the daily allowance ?
Yeap, totally defrosted, so I really don't know what else to think it was except the weather.
I used the recipe here called 'faux fondant crusting buttercream II'. yes, my cakes were cool. I had baked them a few days before and froze them. I just saw someone's post that they had problems with the sweating too. I guess I'll have to find a different crusting recipe.
I am so bummed! My cake this weekend melted!!I did a crusting buttercream and used the upside-down method for frosting. It worked really well!I then used fondant cut outs and decorated in zebra stripes. However while working I noticed the frosting starting to sweat and it slowly melted it's way down the cake! My nice neat top edge slid down the sides!! And my friend confirmed it didn't make it very well through the evening. I don't know what do have done or why it might...
Thank you Diane for posting the link to your post!!I did another bow yesterday and had nothing but problems. This will really help!!Thank you again!
I have read a few posts where people have said they mix fondant with melted chocolate and it tasted better. I am wondering how much you mix in ? I will be working with Satin Ice tonight and thought maybe I would try this to make it taste better.Thoughts?
Thank you all for your replies and wonderful suggestions!!I'm going to find myself a good dish soap (usually use the dishwasher but find I have been washing more items by hand as I need them)Next will be a good lotion & some gloves!!Thank you again!
OMG - my hands are so chapped! I made 3 cakes and it seems like I was washing my hands with every little thing I did. Yes, good I was so clean and worried about things but how in the world do you guys do it every day?
I am wondering how to use an impression mat correctly - I tried both ways listed on the directions and it didn't work.First rolled out the fondant and used it on top - nope.Next tried to roll onto the mat - nope.Both times I ended up with 'double' overlapping impressions and it looked awful. I got an 'ok' result the 3rd try - on top - but it still wasn't what it should have been. (and for a $20 mat I wasn't happy!)Any suggestions/thoughts ?
Good morning!I am having a really hard time finding the rules & regulations to get licensed in Illinois.Can anyone help me find exactly where to go and what to look for? I can't afford a space of my own so will be looking into renting time at an existing approved location. Thank you for your help!
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