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Thank you for the link but that is not really what I was looking for.A while back - just before the cricut cake came out - there were posts on how to use the regular cricut machine for cut outs. I am looking for these old forum posts - they had the information on how to make the sheets that ran through the machine and also had a lot of great information on the clip art. My search feature does not work nor can I get to my old forum posts. I really would like to try this...
I don't know why I have problems with the search feature... nothing will show up but pictures.Would anyone be able to direct me to the links for making the sheets to run though the Cricut machine? I have the regular machine, not the cricut cake. Thank you in advance for all of your help and suggestions!
Hello!What do you use to paint colors on cake and fondant?
Which do you prefer?? I just did my first RI ColorFlow this week. It turned out ok, I have to work on my outlining to make it cleaner. I wonder for my next logo if I should try the BC Transfer or stick with the RI? I also wondered how to make the outline blend better with the inside flow? The directions said to wait until the outline is dry before filling. This seemed to make a noticeable outline. Any advise/input would be appreciated! Thank you!
I worked with Royal Icing last week and it turned out nice but was 'flat' in color. I tried to dust with luster dust but it didn't stick.I would like to do a larger piece this week using color flow and wondered how I could add some shine or sparkles to it?
Thanks for the kind words!The BC was the Crusting BC II recipe here on CC. The upside down icing technique is here in the CC artiles - was really pretty easy to do. I even forgot to dip in hot water and it still worked great!
This is a picture of my cake that melted the other week... so bummed!I think we figured it was a combination of freezing the crusting buttercream and very humid/damp weather. It was such a bummer... I did the buttercream using the upside down method and it had worked so great! I'll be trying this same cake again for this weekend.
Thank you for all of your replies!I will be moving towards New Lenox so I'll have to look into the county regulations and see what needs to be done. If there is any possibility of home baking that would be nice but I'm also going to look into renting space just in case.
Thank you all!I'll be checking out the different brands. Guess I'll be doing some taste testing.
Buggers - then I got the trans-fat free container!What else can we use instead of Crisco ?
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