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Good morning!I'm seeing the really neat witch hat cupcakes and wondered how to make the little hats. Are they solid gumpast/fondant?
Thank you for your help!!
Where do you get your larger boxes for cakes?I'm looking for stacked/tier cakes... they won't fit in regular boxes from the store, their too tall.Thank you!
I did a quick Mrs. Frankenstein cake last night for work today and used some of the Black Wilton gel coloring to make her hair and it tastes awful!I have to do a camoflage cake tonight and was going to use black as one of the colors but now I'm worried of the taste.How can I get a good tasting black buttercream?(I use the all crisco recipe)
Oooh... that would be cool! I'll have to ask! It's a birthday cake for a boy, he's going to be 8 so I'm not sure what they do. Thank you!
If I'm understanding the ribbon part for around the cake I don't think you should leave it out. You won't be able to fit it nicely around the cake if it's dry and hard to bend. Maybe cut and put on the wax paper and wrap up carefully to keep until ready to use. For your Bow it should be left out to dry.
Thank you for the suggestions!! I'll see what I can create!
Hi there!I'm doing a camo/hunting cake for this weekend and was looking for some decoration ideas. It's going to be camoflage colors and I've got the antlers for on top of the cake made and hopefully hardening. I also did a little hat and made a sign to look like it was made out of wood. I've see people do bullets and I was wondering if you guys had any other suggestions for simple items that I could make. Thank you!
Thank you for the replies!Jones - that looks pretty close to what I was thinking but smaller. The top tier is only going to be 6" round so I think I could downsize them. I've never worked with Gumpast so I think I'll try that - I've ready it's a lighter weight than fondant. I'm not ready to try the RKT yet... I'll be trying this on Sunday - thank you again!! Anyone with other suggestions please post!
I am doing a hunting cake for next week and would like to make antlers that will stick out of the top of the cake.I have 2 questions please - What would the best medium be - fondant/tylos, fondant/gumpaste or straight gumpaste?How early can I make them? I'd like to do on Sunday but wondered if they would dry out too much by Saturday. Thank you for your help!
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