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Corrie, you're cake is exactly why I asked about the tappits! I really like the look of your letters, they complete the cake so nicely! I just purchased some sets this morning and hope to have them for a cake next weekend. Thank you to everyone for the great tips!
Thank you all - will be purchasing a set to try, will also watch the youtube video!
Hi all!I see a lot of pretty cakes that have used the Tappits and really like the way they look. I'm still learning how to write and really think I would appreciate the cut out letters. My questions would be: Do you need a 'base' with the tappits or do you just buy the different letter sets and use it?Is there any other brand of cut outs that you might recommend?Thank you for any insight!
Ok, you guys have convinced me to try the homemade MMF - will try over the weekend. If it doesn't turn out I'll go get the Duff pre-colored. Thank you!
I'm still very new to cakes and have only used the store bought fondant... and I don't think it tastes very good.
Hello all!I am going to do a Lightning McQueen cake for my nephew on the 9th. Here is my question - What are your suggestions to do a black & white checked pattern without using fondant? I was thinking of edible printed sheets but would need a reference where to get it. I'm not finding this sort of image. I thought of modeling chocolate but never worked with it before and wondered if it would taste bad after adding the blackn coloring.Your thoughts?
Kaykaymay - you are correct - I just wanted the lace part to be shimmery so it stood out against the base. Bummer! Guess I can't do that effect or will have to allow a lot of time to go back over it with something... although I think I'd make too much of a mess. Thank you for your replies!
Good morning CC'rs, I did a pink ribbon cake this weekend and tried the Cornelli Lace technique. I like'd it very much! (it's on the sides).Anyhow... I wanted it to be really shimmery/sparkly since it was the tone on tone (pink on pink) and had a really hard time. I needed to mix something in with the buttercream so I tried all of my sparkly stuff... shimmer dust, petal dust etc... but nothing was working.Finally had to resort to adding the Wilton sparkling gel in white to...
Thank you all so much!! These are so adorable I can't wait to make them!
Here are 2 different links to see
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