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Hi everyone!I'd like to do some dummy cakes for practicing and wanted to get your input as to the best way to do this.I hear styrofoam being used - correct? Wrapped in plastic I think? I need to practice covering in fondant, gumpaste flowers and possibly piping. Please share what you use - thank you!!
Hi everyone,I'd like to ask everyone who's done stacked books how they did the covers. What did you use?Thank you!
I mix the dry instant pudding mix with whipped cream... very yummy!There is a French Vanilla mix out there, everyone loves it.
I see, can't do it directly. Bummer! Thank you for the replies & the search suggestion.
Hi everyone,Can someone explain how to do a colorflow on a buttercream cake. I would need a recipe too. Side question - How do I get the search feature to work? Would it work if I paid to be a member of the site?
I've seen a few really cute cupcakes with Poker Sprinkles (spade, heart, diamond, club) but can't find where to purchase them?I would really like to use these on cupcakes to donate for Hold'em fundraisers. They had them on Amazon but they are not in stock. Any ideas?
Hi all,Can anyone point me to directions on how to do a tiera?I am contemplating either gumpaste or royal - it is for next Sunday. Any input would be greatly appreciated!!Thank you!
How long will the homemade MMF last? And how should I store it? Sorry if this is a repeat question, I can't get the search to work correctly. (does anyone know how I could get this feature to work for me?) Thank you for your input!
Thank you so much for the replies!! I can't wait to try it!
Is it possible to paint on crusting buttercream? I am doing a grapevine cake this weekend and would like to do everything in buttercream, grapes, vines & leaves. But wanted to add depth by painting on some darker colors. Is this possible and how??
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