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No replies from anyone??
I'm mostly concerened about someone wanting to eat a flower because it's technically "edible" and getting sick from an allergy.
I saw the recent posts regarding the Disco Dust being non-toxic and should only be used on items that won't be consumed. What about Twinkle Dust or Luster Dust ? I had someone tell me there may be ingredients in these dusts that may cause allergic reactions - mercury or fish products ? I've gotten a few bottles but there aren't any ingredients on them.Any insight to what these items are made of besides plastic?
So where are you guys getting your styrofoam? Most of my cakes are last minute, friends asking oh... can you do one for next week?? LOL So I don't have a lot of planning time.Do you have to cut it yourself or is it sold in the height & shape already?
Good morning everyone,I just did a 4 tier 1M rose cake and was wondering what I could have used inbetween the layers to give it just a bit of 'space' between each tier. Like a 2" break just to give it more height and break up the colors a bit. Is there anything you would recommend? Anything that is disposable or do you have to make sure to get the parts back later? Just wondering for future. I thought it would have looked nicer with white breaks inbetween.
I am curious on this too... how deep are the pans you guys use? 2" or 3"
Great! Thank you both for your answers - I will be trying this tomorrow! Rae - your flowers are so pretty!!!
Hi everyone,I was thinking of trying to make the modeling chocolate (the melts w/light corn syrup) and using it to make flowers for a lei. If I roll out the modeling chocolate and use a flower cutter can I then put it on a former to get a curved shape? Can I use the ball tool to shape it a bit? Will it 'harden' and retain it's shape?Also - if I do them in white could I then use the coloring dusts on them?I'd hate to make the chocolate and not be able to achieve what I'm...
I'd like to try using modeling chocolate to make a flower lei but I'm not sure what to buy. Can anyone tell me what to look for??
Hi everyone,I've seen a lot of very pretty cakes with rhinestone trimming added to them.Some around the base and some diagonally and across the middles. How would this get attached to the cake? Do you try to wash them before adding?
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