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looks great!
That's great! I'll have to try that next time.  I wonder if my printer resized the templates. It was horribly trying to finish the bottom 1/3 of the ball! 
Have any of you tried both? I had a package of each and tried both recently. I've had Duff's in the past and it's much better than any of the stuff I'm able to get locally. It's an off white but takes reasonably well and was easy to work with.   Buddy's was much whiter and softer. I didn't need to soften it in the microwave like I did with Duff's. It ripped easier though. Since I gave up sweets for Lent, I wasn't able to taste it,   Has anyone else compared both?
Hi all,    I made the Wilton soccer ball today. It was the first time I have used ganache and, oh my gosh!, it made life so much easier. It was a nearly perfect sphere. Covering the ball with fondant was relatively easy. I used Wilton's pattern for hexagons and pentagons and cut them all uniformly    The top half of the ball went really well and pieces fit perfectly. The bottom of the ball was a huge struggle and pieces didn't all fit together very well. I wound up...
  Significant, yes but he very clearly says it's optional and that the cake will still be great without it, which is why I gave it a try. 
I made it tonight (cupcakes) and it was ok. They were a little...rubbery? The tops and edges crystallized a bit making it hard to get out of the wrapper. I didn't use the custard mostly because it was a last minute decision to make the cupcakes. I wound up filling them with fresh lemon curd and using lemon SMBC which improved their taste. I love when the cake is the star but it was just a vehicle for the lemon curd and icing.
It's been ages since I've posted but I remember the old group who used to do this. Like so many others, I am only able to do cakes once in a while so my skills often get rusty. It's good to hear construction criticism from those who know cake (rather than the blanket praise I get from well meaning and loving friends/family on facebook).    Here's my most recent cake which I made for my daughter's First...
Can you just make it the size you are comfortable with and supplement it with a sheet cake that no one else has to see?
That's one of my favorite cake DVDs of all time. I made one (and only one) after watching it. Turned out much better than what I would have done on my own.
Thanks Mariann. I saw that actually. I know the author says he uses mud cake and ganache. My daughter really wants my chocolate chip cookie dough cake and buttercream filling. I'm just worried the weight would sink the bottom layer, you know?
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