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Hi IFancy, generally you make 1 cupcake per guest. Ask your Bride if she wants more or if perhaps they are serving other desserts with this and go from there. You can make them as soon as you need to, I do mine 2 days before hand but if you need to freeze them anytime is fine.HTHSari
Wow you need a couple of drinks! But the cake looks wonderful
I saw this once last spring while looking for a different site, I don't remember what site but the woman runs a cupcake truck and her customers were wanting her to open a shop so she setup a fund raising site and last I saw her shop was open as of this summer! So I guess if the customers want it they'll help fund it!!
I've had their cupcakes at two different locations and the icing was tasteless and the cake was dry. As for how its made it just tasted like american butter cream.
Wow, Leah that is awesome!! congrats, I wish you lots of fun and loads of time with the hubby!sari
LOL it's alright to brag here.. congrats!
I work from home so I cant help with knowing too much about the smell but I'd call the maker of your freezer and ask them. If it was new did you clean it before using it? sometimes a new anything will have a smell till its washed.hth
I just used this and didn't like it at all! It had a heavy chemical taste and I won't use it again.hth
I had this happen recently and just told them sorry if they don't want the colors and toy topper then they need to find someone else.
Did your friend ask for butter cream or fondant? See what they want and go from there.
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