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You did a great job, well done.
Just let the bride know when you will be delivering it.  No return call required.  She may actually appreciate you being firm about it so she doesn't have to make further decisions on at least the cake.  The others can just chat amongst themselves and ask for whatever they want.  If  they call you just say that the order and delivery has been confirmed with the bride and be done with it.
Who is your customer, the stop mom or the bride?
That cake will be heavy when all assembled.  Will you be able to carry and transport it fully assembled?
I would do 3 stacks of two layers each.  That will make cutting and serving a whole lot simpler.  If you do the layers 3 cakes high it will be hard to cut and fit on a cake plate.
The best way to start getting orders is to research and set up a business plan which would include pricing, legalities, taxes, budgets, etc.  Set up a good web page, a facebook page alone won't cut it for most successful bakeries.  Once you have the business side of things taken care of you can contact venues and related businesses and start networking and marketing.   Your cake looks great but there is a lot more to having a successful cake business that just making...
If you left them too wet, that will leave the edges undone based on my experience.  You can either wring more, take the strips off before the cake is done and let it finish without the strips, or just buy the Wilton ones so you don't have to worry about them.  I do find that with my strips, 325 oven and a metal flower nail in cakes 9 or so inches or bigger that I never level, they come out flat.
How about 'currently we only accept check or cash'?
I have been using the towel version for years.  I like that I can use them over and over again without messing with newspaper or paper towels and aluminum foil.  Wet your towels and wring them out really well.  The first time I used them I only lightly wrung them out and they insulated too well and the sides were unbaked when the center was done.  The next time I wrung them more and it was fine.  If my strips are too long for the size pan I just roll them in a little roll...
Don't see a flavor just ask and I'll be happy to meet your needs as best as I possibly can.  Think this needs some work.  Either 'Don't see a flavor?  Just...'        Or 'If you don't see a flavor...'    No flavors of buttercream?    'Don't see a style or design please...'  Same comments as for Dont see a flavor above.  'full of flavor these bite'  Should this be   'full of flavor.  These bite'       'Don't see a style or design'  same thing again.   Now I see that...
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