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Are you driving straight through the 16 hours or stopping overnight?  How many tiers and what size?  Just curious but where is your final destination (I am in Duluth, MN).  I think you would be fine to torte and fill, probably crumbcoat also before you go to seal moisture in.  Do that before you go and freeze them.  Like tomorrow or as soon as possible and get it out of the way.  Then right before you go box them up, maybe even in plastic storage tubs so it would be...
You can use any buttercream recipe for the crumb coat, use whatever recipe you normally use.  You may want to make add a little extra liquid, milk water whatever, so it is soft enough to not tear at the cake.  All the crumb coat does is seal in the crumbs with a very light layer of icing, it doesn't add any structure or sturdiness.
If you are traveling with it stacked, be prepared...they are HEAVY! 
Can you share a link to your web page?  That will be  a lot of potential customers first look at you and your business, if it has some problems that could turn off clients.  I don't hear of many cakers doing a gangbuster business off of facebook.  Well, they may get lots of business but not much real money since facebook cake sites seem to equate with cheaper cakes.
If it isn't crusted yet, wait a little while longer until it is crusted.
If you want to get feedback on your cakes, then ask for it.  On your free cakes, of course.  When you tell someone you will make a cake, let them know right away you  will want feedback on it.  When you deliver the cake and it is dished up, have them give you comments.  I have made two different pecan pie recipes at Thanksgiving and gave each person a small slice of each and had them each say which they preferred and why.  I have had people try different carrot cake...
That design is so quick and easy, the perfect cake to do away from your kitchen.  Try it out on your next cake for your friends or family and see how easy it is.  Any icing should work, what is your usual recipe?  That should be fine.
Some countries typically charge for cake by the pound...perhaps the buyer was from a different country/cake culture.
You should do at least a quick thin coat before the rosettes.  Otherwise where there are little gaps between the rosettes you will see naked cake, not icing.
And you need to kind of gently push the icing into the crumb coat to start and then keep putting pressure on the bag as you move the tip away. 
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