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That design is so quick and easy, the perfect cake to do away from your kitchen.  Try it out on your next cake for your friends or family and see how easy it is.  Any icing should work, what is your usual recipe?  That should be fine.
Some countries typically charge for cake by the pound...perhaps the buyer was from a different country/cake culture.
You should do at least a quick thin coat before the rosettes.  Otherwise where there are little gaps between the rosettes you will see naked cake, not icing.
And you need to kind of gently push the icing into the crumb coat to start and then keep putting pressure on the bag as you move the tip away. 
I assume they are metal tips.  A little Goo Gone or Goof Off should do the trick.
That cake will be massively heavy if you try to stack the whole thing ahead of time so factor that into your decision.
If your chocolate isn't smooth then you will need a heavier layer of sand icing over it.  You could end up with really thick icing.
won't the additional time and effort to do a smooth coat of chocolate and then a later smooth coat of sand color add enough to the price to come close to fondant?  Also, I just checked and LorAnns oils makes a chocolate flavor that might work.
Was each tier on it's own cardboard?
Maybe if you post the location there would be a CC member who would be interested.
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