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Puddles, that was a really great message.  It  said in a very polite way all the reasons that this just can't go on, money, time,  paying customers, lack of appreciation, lack of pleasure or joy for you, etc.  Succinct yet detailed.  Well done, I can't think how you could have said a word better.  So regardless of how he and the rest of your family react, just know that this change you are making is not in the least unreasonable, unfair or unkind.
Regarding number 3.  I understand that the customer wants for 50 people and if they also want a 6 8 12 that is fine oto.  I bring it up because often bakers charge by the serving.  I mention is so if you read prices or people give you feedback on their serving price that you times it by 92 servings not 50 people that the client wishes to serve. 
A 6-8-12 serves 92 people, way more than the 50 servings that are needed by the customer.  You should factor that into your pricing decision. 
Good for you, puddles.  Stay strong.  Keep us posted on how it goes.
Here are my thoughts.  I am not a fan of the sepia cupcakes that are featured.  Cakes are all about color and detail and that is lost with the sepia.  I get that the gravity defying topsy turvy cake that is on the very top left of the home page is an impressive cake to build and look at, but it gives me the impression of a cake that is on it's way to falling over, probably not the impression you want to give to potential customers.  I think having a city and state where...
I had another thought about this issue.  What is your family culture about this?  For example your relatives that fix cars, does home repair, accounting, hair stylist, day care, landscaper, etc.  Do these people offer their skills to you for free?  If they do, then I guess that would affect your making cakes for them for free also.  But if these people all charge you full price, then you absolutely should put a stop to it.  You can simply say to each person that tells you...
Sadly, no.  You probably can't change what has been happening without being the bad guy.  You have two choices, set some new ground rules, no exceptions.  Several options have already been suggested.  Or keep doing what you are doing and being resentful about being taken for granted and losing business.  Wait, I thought of a third option.  Keep making  the cakes but at least put a stop to giving expensive gifts on top of it.  That is beyond crazy.  Good luck.
I love the new banner.  The pink and white stripes is happy and friendly yet not over the top.  I don't see the Christening cakes you said you put on their own page.
Drizzling sweetened condensed milk thinned with water over your finished cakes sounds fabulous.  But it could really cause structural problems.  That is probably what is causing your sliding, not your support or cake density. 
I don't know anything about search functions or what helps it show up.  I was referring to your tab along the top that has cupcakes then birthday cakes.  It seems  people may think you only do birthday cakes but that leaves out christening cakes, anniversary cakes, graduation cakes, sorry you are leaving, etc, etc.  Standard cake sizes in the US is also 1 inch by 2 inches by 4 or so inches so you could use the Wilton serving size charts that are common here. ...
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