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Could you glue them onto a small circle of cake cardboard and then when they are dried and attached firmly cover the board with a fondant circle or something that coordinates with the design, then place it when you are done stacking?  woah, run on sentence....
Are you happy with the  quality of cupcakes the next day?  If you are then just do what you are doing.
Bananas and pudding sound pretty slippery, be careful your different layers don't slip around. 
I think there are some people new to cake central that are doing some searching on similar topics and then post on a relevant thread.
FYI, this is a 3 year old thread.  
If you type.......madeira cake recipe cake central.......into google several cake central threads come up talking about madeira recipes and cakes.  
I can't personally help you but if you type......shipping cake pops cake central......into google several threads show up that should give you some suggestions.
Type.......ball texture in fondant cake central......into google and some relevant threads show up, maybe you can find some ideas there.
I can't help with the fondant question but when I do a buttercream ball if I take a cheap paper towel that has little bumps on it, I can  press it onto the crusted buttercream and make a good ball texture.  That probably wouldn't be stiff enough to press into fondant but maybe you can experiment with some kitchen utensils to get a good texture.  If I recall someone mentioned using a strainer.  
Unlimited, thanks for posting the words  (I am viewing on a desk top but the words don't show.)  Your assembly line efficiency definitely shows up on your pan removal creation. 
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