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What is the actual recipe you are using?  The recipe written in this thread is one that someone modified of Indy's.  Sometimes as things get shared and reposted mistakes are made.  What recipe are you making?
I would say if you are having repeated problems with the recipe to look around for another crusting cream cheese recipe rather than going through another hundred pounds of sugar trying to get this one to work for you.  How much of a crust are you getting?  It should only be crusted enough so that you can lightly touch it with your finger and not get icing on it.  It shouldn't be hard or anything like that.  Even if it isn't crusting as much as you want you should still be...
Rydilly, it is tape.  Just put tape on the ribbon and that becomes the back (cake side) of the ribbon.
If you are doing two boards together make sure you attach them so they don't slide apart, double sided tape or a loop of tape or melted candy melts or something.  Oh, don't start worrying about the next cake already!!!  A cake for your daughter should be fun, not a worry.  She will be thrilled with it regardless so plan and prepare and allow enough time.  Are you going to carve the teddy or do you have the molded cake pan?  If you feel it is just too advanced then you have...
If you're finished cake is going to be 6-8 inches high you will need to use a board in between and dowels/straws/whatever your preferred support system.  Think of it as a really narrow two tiered cake with each layer being the same size.  Another reason for having the board mid cake besides support is for ease of cutting and serving.  They can cut the top half down to the board and serve those and then remove the board and finish cutting the bottom half.  The cardboard...
Great job!!!  Which two layers are real cake?
I don't work with fondant or figures but you many want to start a new thread with this topic, it would probably get your more views and replies.  Hope you get it figured (ha,I  made a pun!) out. 
If you fully assemble it will you be able to lift and carry that heavy cake?
Ale, what a crappy person.  She is no friend and I am glad you realize that.  At least now you will take deposits on all your orders and hopefully get things in writing so this doesn't happen to you again. 
Are you really sure you want to haul each and every tool and ingredient you may possibly need to a hotel just to have an air conditioned work space?  Plus it doesn't solve your initial problem of where to leave the cake. 
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