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Norasmom, the person who posted before you brought it back up and made it a new posting.
It will be fine for both projects.  Just cover and put in the fridge.  Take it out a few hours before you need it again so it can warm up first.
Have you checked the level of your counter you use for decorating?  I found at our last house that the table was a little off but the counter top was level.
  I understand the fee rule change but don't you think most businesses were figuring their credit card fees into their costs already, that it would be a part of their cost of doing business?  So why would the charge go up immediately for this new law change?  It seems to me that the prices would remain the same but they could allow a discount for cash payers.  I would love to see all businesses give a discount for cash.
I don't sell but it seems that part of the reason so many people charge so little is they are using non-Wilton serving charts.  Wilton wedding (which generally is thought of as the industry standard in the US) has 10 inch serving 38, 9 inch serving 32.  If people are figuring for 20-24 servings they will be charging a LOT less for the same cake.  Another question I have been having with these pricing threads,is .......are the post responders having a successful and...
14, 12, 10 is way more servings than what the customer wants.  I also read a lot that a 6 inch looks best for the top tier.  A 10 inch on top would look very short and squatty.  If you did a 6, 8, 10 you would have 74 servings which the customer would pay for even though they only need 60.  You just can't get exact matches always.  Then you wouldn't need any dummies.
Here is a chart for sizing. Most people charge the same or at least similar for a dummy cake as there is the cost of purchasing the dummy to factor in and the the decorating costs are the same. This will give you the wedding servings without having to calculate from the party chart.  The chart also has some other really helpful information for planning.
Is that 3 layers of cake and 2 filling?  It looks like the opposite of a bulge, like it is indented where the filling is.
In her blog she did say that she was going to tweak the design to make it her own.  So she wasn't expecting an exact replica.  Even so.......
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