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Baileigh, the best way to get info on all the the topics you mentioned is to use google.  Type...pricing cake central, or business cards cake central...and lots of relevant CC threads will come up.  That method works better for me than using the CC search.
The big craft stores here are Michaels, JoAnns and Hobby Lobby, Walmart also has some cake stuff.  These stores are not specific to cake but they have cake sections.  They would be worth checking out if there are any in the areas you are going to.  You could go to their web pages and use the locator functions to see if there are any where you will be.  They generally carry Wilton brand products with a few other product lines. 
It isn't normal to get horrible hand cramps.  Some ideas...take a break every 15 minutes or so and stretch your hands and fingers, do a little piping every day (with some practice icing) to build up your strength and endurance.  Try using a different bag, maybe the fabric bag would be easier than a disposable type bag or vice versa.  What size bag are you using?  I see some decorators using a huge bag and then they just use a small pouch of icing that they are actually...
Sounds like more of a construction problem than transportation problem since all the symptoms are different.  Do you put a smear of icing on the cake board before you put your cake on it, to "glue" the cardboard onto the bottom cake board?  The cake that split and crumbled, was it a stacked cake?  If so, give more details on number and type of dowels, etc used.  How do you have the upper tiers supported?  As far as the icing falling off, do you need to hold your tip...
Be careful, once it comes back up to room temp the icing will get soft again.
I only do buttercream so not sure if things change with fondant.  I would take it out of the freezer the day before, uncover right before you work with it.  Or you can crumbcoat and fill while it is still frozen.  Lots of ways you can do it successfully.  You shouldn't need any syrups simply because you froze the cake.  I freeze my shortening/butter based icing with no problem.  I have successfully frozen individual cakes, and completely filled and decorated cakes (all...
I don't know how to attach pictures.
No picture attached.
Good to hear.   Thanks for the update, glad it went well.
eatmcakery, how did it go at work today?
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