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Seems to me it is his change in plans.  Deliver it to him as originally ordered, then it is up to him to store it.  At minimum charge him for the extra time and research and labor to allow for his change in plans.  Why does it have to be your problem? 
I have been to a lot of the famous cupcake shops in the NE and pop my head in every bakery we walk past on vacations.  Cupcakes that are $3 and up.  Each time I go in I try to see how they are decorating them in action and see the ones in the cases.  Each time I shrug  my shoulders and think...huh, just cupcakes with icing on top.  So I can kind of understand the customer.  I think basically a grocery store cupcake ultimately doesn't look that much different from a...
I am a buttercream only gal, can't help you with the fondant questions.
AZ, Please do it!!
The sponge looks like what they sell for cleaning fresh grout when tiling.  If you have a Menards hardware/lumber near you I just saw the three pack for $.99 yesterday. 
Yeah, sorry I can't help you with your question, I don't sell cakes.  Just love the idea of a chalkboard cake.  Hey, maybe I will make one just to have as a room decor.  You know, you can make your own chalkboard cake in any color......   I think if you are doing consultations out in public, there is only so much you can do to prepare for a client, especially one with whom you are having a difficult time understanding.  One thing would be to only meet at places that...
Scrumdiddly, I LOVE the chalkboard cake ideas.  What a cool way to sketch ideas and get feedback from the customer. 
Cupcakes freeze wonderfully.  I just freeze them and throw them in a ziplock bag or put them in a plastic storage container.  But you will need to do some space calculations to see if you have room in your freezer.  200 is quite a few.  You will also need to plan for how to transport, etc.  You could use short storage tubs to transport.  If you freeze them, you can  place them in the container for transport and ice them right in the tub, add your fondant decor and done. ...
Baileigh, the best way to get info on all the the topics you mentioned is to use google.  Type...pricing cake central, or business cards cake central...and lots of relevant CC threads will come up.  That method works better for me than using the CC search.
The big craft stores here are Michaels, JoAnns and Hobby Lobby, Walmart also has some cake stuff.  These stores are not specific to cake but they have cake sections.  They would be worth checking out if there are any in the areas you are going to.  You could go to their web pages and use the locator functions to see if there are any where you will be.  They generally carry Wilton brand products with a few other product lines. 
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