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The faux leather tooling on the sides of the cake is incredible.  What a talent.
The directions are given on post #20 above.
Let's hope the burlap was backed with a strip of wax or parchment paper or saran wrap to keep the burlap fuzzies out of the icing.
If it was me I would just ice a cake, kind of smooth but just spatula smooth.  Not viva or roller smooth.  Then I would take a knife with a point, balance my forearm on a box or something to stabilize it a little and give the turntable a spin, pushing the knife point in a little then gradually go up.  Or down depending on if you started at the top or bottom.  Just my guess, anyway.
Could you use a similar idea, like a 2 or 3 inch high round of styrofoam, whatever diameter would work for the servers?  You could use a decorative paper or fabric and/or ribbon on the outside edge and decorative paper or fabric on the top with holes in for the pops?
My guess is the dollar store ones would be like what they use for ketchup/mustard.
WASC is white almod sour cream.  This is a modified mix.  Starts with a mix and a bunch of other things are added.  Not sure if that would work for your scratch recipe needs.  Another thing when you are making your 10 and 14 round is to bake at 325, put an oiled upside down metal flower nail in the center (to bring more heat into the center of your cake) and magic strips (purchased or homemade) around the edge of the pan to slow down the cooking on the outside edge.  All...
It turned out great.  I love the Maryland flag.  I don't work with fondant so can't help with some of your questions but from my time on CC it is fine to leave it out of the frig overnight if it doesn't have a perishable filling or icing.  And the fondant seals it so it doesn't dry out so there isn't a need to cover it to keep it moist. I think fondant can stretch a little so you have to trim it at the bottom, then maybe retrim.  Did you get the plastic needlepoint stuff...
I think what they  may be referring to is if they are flooding their cookies.  You use a really thin, kind of runny icing and it spreads out and makes a smooth layer.  I did a quick search and found this link with some pics that  demonstrate it.  I think some may use the bottles with melted candy melts too.  You wouldn't be attaching an icing tip to the bottle.  With your icing tips you would use a bag, parchment paper cone or even a plastic baggie in a pinch.
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