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Could you do those two tiers on dummies or foam and have those two tiers be not edible?
Your facebook site looks pretty good at first glance.  The pictures could be a little better but not bad either.  Some of them you still show the edge of the table and some of the background.   Do some research on photographing cakes, there have been some threads on that.  Your location could be more prominent.  I noticed on one of the posts that someone wanted 6 it worth your time to make just 6 cupcakes?  I don't sell so can't give you much help on your...
Go to your local post office, they will have the flat rate boxes that you can look at.  Usually they have a display with them already assembled so you can see the actual size.  You also could just take home the ones that look most likely to work and see which would work best.  Don't worry about the outside dimensions, all you care about is the inside dimensions.  They have flat rate priority and express.  Express is faster and more expensive than priority.  The big...
When I was preparing and practicing to do a scroll cake I took some icing and made a point to practice for at least 20 minutes every day.  It helped strengthen the muscles and I could see improvement everyday.  I would decorate my upside down pan, scrape it off and re use the same icing over and over again.  No waste and lots of practice.
Good thought about cooking pots instead of cake pan.  I am thinking of my big spaghetti pot/T Fal dutch oven.  It would work perfect and be a better height than a cake pan.  The extra weight would help it from sliding around too.
Vannah, you don't have to have dummies, just take one of your cake pans, place it upside down on some non skid and pipe away on the top and sides.
My earlier comments about the quality of website, grammar, spelling, good photos also apply to your facebook page.  And it should be a business facebook page, not part of your personal page.  If you want critique and feedback on your page you can post it and we can give you feedback. 
I don't do any kind of business with out looking at the website first.  A facebook page isn't the same.  The website must look good and function well.  The photos are key.  Good pictures, no mixer or other kitchen stuff in the background.  Good grammar and spelling.  Info on flavors and rates and products.  Contact info, etc.  Spend a little time searching cake central and you will find lots of other detailed info and specifics.
Do you want some comments about your web page?  There are some things you could do to improve that.  I think having a good web page is important, I rarely do business without looking at their web page and/or facebook page first to get a good idea about their business.
Agree with all of the above.  You really don't flip it ever.  You gently turn over the pan with the upside down cooling rack on top of the pan.  Turn over the pan and rack held together.
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