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PITA = Pain In The A$$
Was the upper 10 inch cake sitting on its own cardboard?
Yes, yes and yes, ehhicks.  You may want to do a sample batch, from freeze to thaw and decorate so you know how it works for you before you have 200.
You don't have any control how cakes are cut.  But if you are attending the wedding and you see them doing something weird like that I would most certainly politely say something.  Not only are the sizes different but half the people aren't getting any frosting on top. Boo.
The thing is, the $28 for an 8 inch fondant cake makers aren't really in it to make money, they don't really calculate their costs, just get their ingredients when they do their family shopping so don't even know what that cake costs them, probably they only thing they really consider is the cost of fondant.  The are in it for the flattery and praise and compliments.  That is their payday.  At most they figure the money they get paid pays for their hobby and are fine with...
You also may want to reconsider your 'family discount' if you want a profitable business and not just a hobby that pays for itself.  If you consider a friend of a friend for your family discount it will be really tough to make a successful business. 
I think you need to discuss pricing sooner in the process.  To wait for several days of working out a precise design before discussing budget sets both of you up for disappointment.  Discuss that earlier and you could have made a more realistic design.  It sounds like you need to review some of the business discussions on cake central on setting prices, not everyone is your customer, how to conduct business, etc.
Years ago before I knew how to bake a flat cake I had a lot of carrot cake tops from when I made my wedding cake.  I didn't want them to go to waste so I layered the tops with frosting and more tops in a pan and made it sort of flat on top with more icing on top.  I came up with some weird name to make it sound like it was fancy and everyone loved it at work.
I think Craftsy was offering a cake photo class if I recall.  Found it.;jsessionid=549006CE15BB1998E10FF3BE5BA91B74.ccr001?initialPage=true Here is a blog post about photographing cakes.   and this place sells back drops for cakes.   I don't do anything this fancy but recalled...
Can you post a link to it, when I typed in MN chapter of ices I got an ice fishing group.
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