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It sounds like you need to have a different, earlier payment date for fruit cakes so that you have the deposit in hand before you make your ingredient purchases and especially before you start mixing.  It defeats a purpose of a deposit if you have the deposit due 4 weeks before the event but you need to bake the cake 6 weeks before, or whatever your time table is.
Cevamel, for my nutella frosting I use my regular frosting recipe and add in a big scoop of nutella.  Even though I always measure everything, in this case I just do a scoop to taste.  The nutella makes it dryer so I add some more liquid to get it to the right consistency. 
It needs to be the proper temp for serving.  If it is frozen for delivery it likely will still be frozen when they are ready to eat.  Having it refrigerated and nice and cold for the delivery would be a much better option.
MB, your tiny little bananas are adorable!!!  I have made a banana cake with nutella frosting as a special cake for a college age friend.  It has gone over so well that two of the students that have graduated have asked me for the recipe.  Not only that, but they have actually made it in spite of the frosting recipe being 3 cards long since I have so many notes on it.  The ultimate compliment.  I may have to give this recipe a try some time.  The pictures looks ooey gooey...
Of your two finalists I think four little bears natural bakery is too long so I would vote for Lovewalk Natural Bakery.  I like that you have natural in the name to really target your customer. 
It looks like the weight of the handles was too much and gravity was pulling them down, which made the fondant below start to sag.  The handles are fairly large and if they are all fondant or sugar paste would add quite a bit of weight, especially if only staked into two inches of the cake.
I have also used glass microwave turn tables from the thrift store for cakes.
A single cake cardboard isn't stiff enough.  A cake drum would be fine, you just have to add the cost on to the customer, included in the cost of the cake.  Sorry, can't help with your questions about decorating the board, I am a hobbyist and my cakes go out on clear glass cake plates I have picked up at thrift stores.
If you are only making a hundred dollars a week for all the time you are putting into it, maybe you should reconsider this as a work from home job.  Is that hundred dollars worth the stress, the time meeting with cheap customers who don't want to pay you what you are worth, time away from your kids or hubby or other tasks that you need to be doing to  keep the house running?  All the cleaning and organizing and ordering and shopping for a hundred dollars a week?  Since you...
Sure, it will be fine.  It goes in a container, cover with plastic wrap or a plastic bag, put in the freezer and forget about it for year.  But it really is up to them, you aren't a bit responsible for what it is like a year from now.
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