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Candy melts don't need to be tempered, only chocolate.  Candy thermometers aren't that expensive if you want to try.
They don't look like they are sticking since they look nice and smooth.
How much time to shop, mix, bake, create, Communicate with the customer? As part of your business plan you need to determine all of these things, figuring in your desired wage and profit. Do some googling, there are lots of topics on pricing on cc and other forums.
I couldn't get the cake picture to open.  You will find that cake pricing varies widely from a buck a serving to $5 a serving and up.  It depends on your skills, your costs, expenses including cleaning supplies, your time to shop, bake, mix, clean, each and every thing that goes in, on and around your cake, other cake pricing in the area, you need to factor in your time on business development, advertising as well as all they time you put into calls and emails to finalize...
I don't sell but I think most professional decorators wouldn't have attempted a new recipe for one specific request.  They have a menu of flavors and the customer can take them or leave them.  Plus a big  part of the sweetness of the cake isn't just the cake flavor, it is the combination of cake and icing, or ganache in your case.  You could have provided chocolate bread as suggested above and it may have been too sweet for their tastes depending on the filling and icing...
Nothing like that in my books, sounds like Wonderlandplay has it for you.  Hope it is what you have been looking for.
I skimmed the cakes and nothing I could see has whipped cream as an ingredient.  I also looked in my 1973 Pillsbury cookbook and didn't see anything there.
Was it called Whipped Cream cake or was that what your family called it?  I have my BC printed in 1983, copyright 1978 and 1969 but nothing called whipped cream cake.  What do remember about it that was distinctive so I could look for it under another name?
Flat or round top for swirl?  Doesn't matter.  Can't help with specific liners but others have suggested getting grease proof liners.  Do NOT fill them to the top or when they raise they will overflow and make a mess and not have a nice edge.  Cupcakes freeze great.  Freeze them, take them out frozen, place in your carry container, put the swirl on right in the container and you are done.  You could buy the plastic things like they come in at the bakery or you could use a...
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