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And good luck to you.  You have an impossibly difficult number of things going on all at the same time.  Trying to deal with a move, deployment and childs head injury separately would be unfathomably difficult, all three at once, with 5 kids just sounds overwhelming.  I am in MN so unable to help, wish I was closer and I would help you pack, etc. 
If you wanted to find CC people in your area, I would start a new thread with that specific question/location in the subject line.
I think you should talk with her today, don't even wait until you have a back up.  Give her the most notice possible which would be right now.  Her second choice may not be who you would suggest so that research time may not even be needed.  She may already have a second choice.  Before you call you should decide what, if anything, you are realistically capable of taking on.  Nothing all the way to doing everything including making freezing arrangements.  It probably would...
Just say no, they can order 4 ,6, 12 or 24.  Or leave a couple of spots empty, I really don't see any other options. 
It is easy to find lots of free and good quality videos online for decorating.  But what is WAY more important is the business side of things.  That is what should be your focus if you want a successful business.  One way to start is go to the business section on Cake central and read, read and read some more.  Go to the different links that come up in the threads.  Really take to heart what you read about pricing, contracts, deposits, legalities, marketing, etc.  Running...
I wonder if you have some gunk or build up inside the tube part in the base.  The pointy part is easy to clean but you might have to use a degreaser and a pipe cleaner to clean out the tube.  It is a pretty simple system, which I like, nothing to break.
How does your work?  Bearings?  On my Ateco the turning part is just a point and rests in the base.  How does yours turn?
Could it be something like 47, the basket weave tip with the serrated side in and the flat side out?
I would suggest going through what you have and just use the better pictures.  You can make sure each picture you add is a good one going forward, but I think it would really help if you cleaned up your existing gallery, get rid of the people and event shots, the mantle, the lower quality pictures.  Then the better pictures would really stand out.
Not much time now, but my first thought when I went to your facebook page would be to go through your gallery.  Focus on having really great photos.  Nothing cluttering up the background, no mixers or kitchen things showing, have your cupcakes on a decorative plate or nothing, not have them photographed on a cooling rack.  There should be quite a few threads if you search google for taking good cake photos.  It would be better to have fewer really great photos.
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