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Have you done the cake yet? I want to try this on a cake at the end of May. I read to use a pasta roller if you have one. I have a roller machine I got from Michaels that is actually for Clay for around $20 I think.
I had to look up what PITA meant LOL! I have recently seen a BC cake that had it so It seems ok. It was also tinted black with icing color so that's cool too. Thanks for your help!! 
I was wondering what the difference is and can they be put on buttercream or would it dissolve? . If you found out anything please share.
eggs are
How tall is the Bake n fill round? Is it the same as the Soccer ball from Wilton? And is the insert same as Wilton sports ball pan?  I can't find any Bake n Fill measurements or cups of batter or anything so I can compare the two. 
what is the size of the bake n fill round pan compared to the wilton soccer ball pan??
a no!!! 
and how many pounds of fondant? I'm going with a 6, 9, & 12. would 5lbs cover it?? 
I need to make the following cake and I will need to purchase the square pans but don't know if I should get the 2" or 3" and if I double 3" is that too high. First I was set on 3" pans but now I'm leaning toward two 2" cake layers and just using thick board under each tier to add the height. or maybe even 2 3" just for bottom...with or without a board in center??? any thoughts and tips about this and square cakes is appreciated!!! 
i agree, a touch of brown makes it light tan and then add a little rose/pink to get desired shade. 
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