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Hello all, Hope everyone is doing well, I wanted to ask everyone for some help with some ideas for a cake I am doing a cake for a track team on Sunday 10/15/2005. If someone here can help me I'd greatly appriciate it. Thank you so much for any ideas.Bakingmomma
Hi everyone, I was wondering how many cups of buttercream icing will cover and pipe a full sheet cake? I have to make 5 full sheet cakes all with buttercream icing and I am making the buttercream icing from scratch and wanted to have some type of idea of how much I needed to make. I didn't want to make way to much, nor did I want to make not enough. So if anyone can help I'd greatly appriciate it. Thanks so much.Baking Momma
Does anyone know of a quick and easy noah's ark cake for a baby shower. I don't want to do anything too difficult since the customer doesn't want to pay anything. So if anyone has any ideas or pictures I'd greatly appriciate it. ThanksBakingmomma
Hi Jackie,That does sound great. I think I am going to try that I don't have anything else to use, so why not.I'll let you know how it comes out.Thanks, Bakingmomma
Hi everyone, I just wanted to ask all of you does anyone know of a good recipe for apple cobbler cake filling. (to fill a cake with) I'd greatly appriciate it if anyone has one and could please share it with me. Thanks,Bakingmomma
hi i was wondering could you send me the price matrix plese. baking momma
Hello every one I am curious to finding out the awnser to my question. I wanted to know when you decorate a cake with whipped cream icing can you decorate with royal,color flow or buttercream on top of the cake or does the whipped cream break it down. I am always confused when some one wants a cake with a detailed design on top I don't know what type of icing I can use. I know one time I tried to use black buttercream to outline on one cake and the black ran on to the...
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