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I also use a store brand, but sometimes my frosting has been gritty and that was the culprit, now I use my baby sifter to sift the stuff before it goes. I definitely save some bucks
I never used a template, but it's pretty good that you can let each stripe side be a side for the next so you don't have to waste fondant. kind of like sleeping head to toe. stupid example but only way i can describe without pic
Round are way easier for me also
I use cream cheese with a little coconut extract and it is delicious. There is a decoraters cream cheese iciing in the recipes
Hmm, yeah, that was the problem. Chocolate cakes usually have different rising agents, and they are usually more dense. Did you use a heating core?
did you swirl or was it two seperate cakes?
try your recipe, but instead of all crisco, use half salted butter...just a thought
I actually thought the topper kind of explained the cake a little. Kind of says, this is what the quirky bride ordered and yes, it's supposed to look like that!
More shortening, definetly! Good luck!
The wedding was definetly an interesting event...lots of creative types there..
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