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  Oh my! Too funny!! I've had the name Classy Cakes for 18 years!!
My (original) thoughts exactly
Oh gawd! AGAIN, it wasn't her question! This is why I RARELY post on CC! Please help others that need your advice without judging and going off topic! If they ask a specific question such as "Is this product "food safe?", then, by all means, DIG IN and give all your opinions!!
  That wasn't her question.     I haven't seen it in bulk like you're asking about but I found a lot of companies that sell it at a discount if you buy 6 or more, 12 or more etc of the small 5g or 3g containers like this one I've never purchased anything from them but I was just trying to be helpful
[quote="costumeczar"] The problems with the exclusivity clause is what Jason and SCP both said. Not only do you risk having a room full of bad feelings toward you if you walk out with a cake (believe me the true reason won't be given to the guests when you leave, you'll be the bad guy and the client will be innocent), but there's no way of knowing what people plan to do with the cake once you leave.Agree! I just made a cake for a client who decided to make cupcakes for...
One more thing... AMEN to this statement, whether the cake costs 100.00 or $1,750.00.
I believe, at this point, you're trying to convince yourself since we're all agreeing with you. What other affirmations do you need other than "yes" and "absolutely" and so on...? Please make sure to read all of our posts carefully. We agree that the OP is handling this with "grace" and a lot of other positive adjectives that I'm too tired to go back and find in previous posts in order to quote! I'm going to bed.. I'm too old for this... lol
Yes! Absolutely!! BUT... we all need to be held accountable for our "accidents" and I do believe the OP is handling this with her "big girl pants" on!!
Thanks for not being offended for the "alternating view"! Now THAT'S how things should go here on CC!! Hmmm, I would have loved to have been a "fly on the wall" to see what actually happened! I wonder if they tried to move the cake for some reason. Guess we need to start sending along an undercover detective and hidden cameras planted in our gum paste flowers so we know the REAL story! lolMy biggest piece of advice is to dowel ALL the way through all the tiers, top to...
I'm going to go against popular opinion here... Can you tell us what type of structure you used to assure that the topsy turvy would continue to stand until disassembled and cut? A cake can look great right after we set it up and everybody is smiling and happy but very slowly start leaning (and eventually fall) if it's not structurally sound inside. Could the hand print possibly be from someone trying to re-assemble the cake after falling as opposed to someone messing with...
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