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 Jason was always a tool but I seriously doubt he would hack the website. I do think he might try to sue Cake Central for libel if posts like this suggesting he might be behind it aren't deleted. Doesn't that sound like something he would do? :D
Even my 11 year old doesn't get bruises from fondant. Maybe you need a different rolling pin. I did get sore wrists from the big white Wilton pin,i switched to a silicone pin that i loved but it broke after a year or two.
This is a good idea.  The bride can probably rent a stand that would hold all the cakes without stacking, and then you could use whipped cream and not fondant.
 Since most of us are in the US, we're thinking dollars when we see $, but you're charging pesos, right?  So $10 per serving would be about 77 cents in US dollars (at least according to Google).  I don't know what your ingredient costs are like, but are you sure you're charging enough to cover the cost of the fondant, and the buttercream or ganache to go under it?    If that's the most you can charge and you do make a profit with the whipped cream cakes, then maybe you...
Looking at your website, your pricing is really low on the sheet cakes, as if you're trying to compete with Walmart. $1.10 per serving? what is your cost per serving? You're not going to beat Walmart's price on sheet cakes and you shouldn't try. Instead, focus on the things that make your cakes special...custom, handmade, unique, designed just for the customer, the centerpiece of the event, and so on. They need to know that the product you turn out is so far superior...
I agree, Nicholas Lodge recipe. I used to be intimidated by the idea of making my own gumpaste and I put it off for years. I got pretty good at coming up with elaborate ways to shape and dry my fondant flowers, assuming I had days or a week to dry them. Then I tried gumpaste and never looked back. It's so much easier, faster, and the results look a lot better.
I use a heart pan and then carve a little off the sides of the heart for a more hourglass silhouette.
The reason people use gumpaste or flower paste to make roses is because you can work it a lot thinner than fondant, and it has enough body that you can make the petals large and also make them stand out from the rosebud. If you try that with fondant, it just flops over on itself.
You can also pipe it on with royal icing, or mix yellow gel with white icing color (don't thin with vodka). Practice on a scrap first.
If you cover the board at least a few days in advance, it hardens until it won't dent if you touch it. I've had people try to return my plate before, not realizing it was just a foamboard with fondant on top.For the boards between tiers, I use foamboard but I wrap it in press and seal wrap. It won't rip when the cake is cut, the fondant from the tier below won't stick to it, it's really ideal for the job. A bit more expensive than regular plastic wrap but I keep a roll...
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