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From what you wrote, she is more of an acquaintance. She would have real nerve to ask you to bake a cake for nothing even if you are not selling them, and she should ask your price. If she doesn't offer to pay and you don't feel comfortable asking, ask her to make something for you next time you have a party. Find out what she does best and ask her to do it for you. Hopefully, she's a good window washer! Jasmine
I was going to look a cake recently posted in the gallery and got interupted. It was with a lady's body and a bikini. Maybe you can do that belly dancer style. It should be in the recent uploads.Good luck!JasmineP.S. I guess if we all did bellydancing, we could eat more of our cakes - huh?
The magnifying glass and notebook sound good to me too. She is going to use a computer for sure! Someone let us know if she actually uses them now in the movie. The birthday girl probably loves the books and is looking forward to the movies. Maybe do a little pile of books with something from the movie on top? Maybe the girls are going to see the movie first? See the movie if you can and if there's a surprise ending or a big clue, work that into the cake. I still...
Kymscakes,Please keep us posted. My co-worker needs to follow the gluten free diet. She used to be an art teacher & loves that I'm decorating cakes. She probably would have signed up for classes if it weren't for rheumotoid arthrytis ('scuse spelling). I would love to make her a pretty or funny cake for her birthday July 4th - that she can eat! Is fondant usually gluten free? I have Wiltons & Satin Ice.Jasmine
I covered a cake dummy with fondant. Just wondering if I can store it in a covered cake plate or would it get mold or something. Since it looks chocolate, I wanted to keep the dust off for awhile.Any other tips? I know you can you wall spackle for buttercream.Thanks!Jasmine
Ever see I want to go to Vegas to remarry my husband, get married by Elvis and have Freeds do a cake!Jasmine
I'd love to be there but it would be impossible to be away from home at this time but I have a suggestion. Have the ship supply the baked cakes. They are always baking them for the guests anyway or buy them offshore & decorate them on board. I am sure they could accomodate you. I wish someone would bake cakes for me so I can practice my decorating!Jasmine
I never even heard of Imperial measurements! I remember being late for the "early education" class in college (over 25 yrs ago) where we were learning metrics because "everyone will be using the metric system in a few years" and supposedly, we would be teaching that to kids. I had to sit in front in a chair facing the side of the professor & she was asking us to show with our hands a milimeter, etc. Everyone had their hands or fingers at different lengths. I remember...
I don't know how we ever came up with our own measurements considering that except for the Indians, we're all foreigners! If any of your friends move out of the country, make sure you give them measuring cups and an oven thermometer as a going away gift. Remind me never to bake anything out of the country!Jasmine
Pyrex & Anchor Hocking make measuring cups with both measurements one them. This discussion is interesting because I had an afterthought this morning. Some recipes have "cups" & then ml. I always thought the ml equaled "our cup". Maybe not. We should all pay more attention. AND I SHOULD KNOW BETTER!!! My Mom's from Germany & had the cups with ml on them so she could make them here. tsk tsk. I've been cheating & baking cakes out of the boxes so I have more time to...
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