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I just bought some "real" Crisco at Food Basics which is a division of A&P if someone is looking for it.
Thanks for all those tips! I'm "watching this topic" for reference. One thing I remember a Wilton instructor saying was to take the dam filling & after your done tiering the cake, pipe more of the BC in the outside if needed. I like the idea of letting it sit for a couple of hours but since I'm a weekend decorator, I usually don't have time to wait. Another thing I find easier is piping the filling in. I just put it in a big swirl & that's easier for me.
I was taught to mix flavored vodkas in the fondant. The alcohol evaporates. I have been using raspberry. You don't really taste it but it is tastier. They say to put a crumb coat of BC which is a really thin layer. I've read that people put some sort of jam or other coatings on too. What I discovered recently, I don't trim the fondant that much until I have it as smooth as I can get it. The buttercream doesn't ooze out & make your fingers all messy.
It looks beautiful! Did you make the butterflies or buy them? We definitely are our worst critics! You do have to step away sometimes or call a friend and say what can I do?
I use the recipe for the first cheese cake I ever tasted and that goes back 25 years or more. My friend was shocked that I never had one & said she would make me one & if I liked it, she would give me the recipe because it was so easy. It was love at first bite so I made my first cheesecake. I didn't think it was so easy crushing all those graham crackers.... She got a good laugh out of that and told me they sold them already crushed in a box. duh....There is one...
I use Baker's brand since a friend used it in her cake. I don't like things real sweet & you don't use much.
Oops! I just read that you can't get out to the stores. Anyone know if baking it longer at a 25 degrees less would help Amelia?
You can get the metal flower nail or heating core in the local AC Moores', Michael's - anywhere there are baking supplies AND don't forget to grease the flower nail all over-top, bottom & "stem". I used them all the time but have a bad habit of putting them in the dishwasher & then they seem to rust. I would imagine you have to grease the heating core too. Good luck!
What? We're not family? You do excellent work! Maybe use one of the guides in the future when someone is asking for tiers so they know how many servings they're getting and they can order the right size. Charge for what they are getting. If they want a big cake, they should pay for it. We learn from each cake we bake...
Did you post a picture of your Nancy Drew cake?
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