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Sheesh! I better take Wilton Course I over again! And II & III! I definitely missed something. You do nice work. Best of luck to you!
I don't recall seeing one like you have mentioned but how about using the lamb mold cake? I have pictures from somewhere where someone made a calico cat and a cow. If you have the mold, take a good look at it & maybe you can make the head and nose bigger. If you want to see those pictures of the cat & cow, email me & I will email the pictures. Also there is a very nice deer's head somewhere in this site. I can email that too you too because it's in my favorites.Jasmine
Misery loves company! I always feel that way. I guess a plain fondant covered cake just isn't that pretty. Well, some are but I always think it's going to be awful. Just putting a border at the bottom makes me feel better and then as I decorate, I am pleasantly surprised. I don't know who ever thought of it but fondant is a wonderful thing. I always remember what my instructor told me too. Decorations hide mistakes! Works just about every time!
Thanks for posting the pictures and instructions. It was fun to read as you saw the progression. Very interesting how you created it. I like all the little details you added as you went along and then enhanced them even more. The cake is gorgeous!!
Linda,I didn't want to post it since I copied is basically from Custom Cakes by Sharon & she had just posted the picture recently. Thanks Sharon for the idea! I liked your saying better & I wish I could ice a cake a neatly as yours. Anyway, I will post the picture under my photos. I was happy when I found that semi-circle ruler because I'm one that has to use a ruler or cutter. I'm not great at tracing.I guess I'm "tall" to you at 5' even. My goal in life was to be...
I bought a back to school kit with rulers and a semi circle ruler & that what I used to trace the bra. I cut out parchment paper for the side bands & a little tab to "attach" the cups. I used the little Wilton rolling tool for stitching, cut the top of the bra with craft scissors to give it a wavy look. Used a clay mold gun for thin pieces for the hooks & eyes. The lady I gave it to kept the bra too. I also painted the entire bra with a petal dust I think - white -...
That's great!
I have gone through 3 Wilton fondant mats in a year and I don't make that many cakes. Does anyone have a longer living one that they use? How are the silicone?
Take a scrap piece of fondant & try the vodka & the sugar. I used the pearl dust with vodka this weekend & painted on extra pieces to see if I wanted to use the white or silver. I don't think it came out that shiny.
Becky! All this time, I thought my husband was perfect and now yours spoiled it for me!!Anyway, I'm not sure if anyone mentioned it but I was wondering if maybe the stores were choosing what we buy so I emailed Crisco last night. They called me today and left a message that they are no longer using the old formula. Also, the site tells you how long the product lasts after the expiration date (opened vs. unopened), how to store it, etc.
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