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I am so sorry for your loss. Hopefully the good memories will ease your pain soon. It will take time, not a day, week, month or year. Losing one's Mom is rough. Devastating is an understatement. Seek comfort in family & friends. God Bless you and your family.
Actually, when you think of the time plus the cost of ingredients, that's a bargain. That was a beautiful cake! I never really knew the work involved in making decorated cakes until I got started it myself and obviously, she doesn't either. I'm sure she was happy when she got the oohs & ahhs from her guests! People are becoming more aware of the cost nowadays. There are cakes and there are cakes. She got the Lexus, not the Ford.
Has anyone tried the strawberry marshmellows yet for MMF? The dark chocolate Satin Ice is great, the others do smell like Play Doh. I don't think it's tastier than Wilton's-both are awful to me but some people love it. I flavor the Wilton with raspberry vodka mixing a little in. It tastes "better" but I still don't eat it. I try to put more layers in the cake to make up for the icing that's not on the outside.
I'm so disappointed to hear the MMF isn't tasty. I've heard it was. Maybe you should try another recipe. I don't have the time or energy to make it.I don't care for the Satin Ice except for the chocolate. The other ones have a strong odor when you open them. I do use them when I'm making something large in color. The black is excellent for making leather. My husband & brother were amazed at the leather jacket cake and how it looked like leather.The red you can't...
Thanks for all you do! Sorry about the crash! Watch, it will pop back in when you don't expect it to. Let's hope all of your troubles are over soon!
It should be fine over night but if you're worried go to a grocery store, major drug store chain or maybe you have one in your house - pick up one of those tubs. Handy for delivering cakes too. If the top isn't air tight, put Saran Wrap on top. Or how about a stock pot? If you're going to carry it in the tub or pot, put the rubber shelving foam underneath. I think I'm going to be afraid to look at your cake! AHHHHH!!!! Good luck!
Well, at least you will get to eat some of your cake, other than the cake tops! When you're done with the wedding cake, if you have the energy, play with the leftover one & use up your leftover icing, try something new that you haven't done before. You deserve a nice piece for yourself after all of that hard work!
I'm torn which way I would have gone but I think you "done good". There is an expression, when people are happy, they tell 2 people and when they're unhappy, they tell 10 people. I know I'm off on the numbers but it's something like that.Funny thing, I gave up on store bought cakes after I got a rolled cake from a grocery store which my brother described as pumpernickel cake. We threw it out but I mentioned it to them. I wasn't looking for a refund but they said they...
Any special tools used or just plain old knives?
That's unbelievable! I can't even imagine carving a cake & covering it like that. Time to change your name " I do wedding cookies and cakes"
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