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I agree that the American cup is nearly 240ml. I guess you wouldn't need a measuring cup showing metric & American by you as much as we do here. Maybe I should start an exporting business of measuring tools? Check out your kitchen stores - you may find ones that show both. If shipping wasn't so expensive, I would just ship you one. I'm off to work! It is almost 7 in the morning here. G'day, good night?Jasmine
That's a good question! I believe most of our recipes go by the American measurements - NOT metric. I had to go look at my Pyrex measuring cup and it has both measurements on it. Our tablespoons & teaspoons aren't equal?I remember 20 years ago in college for teaching, we had to learn metrics for because "we will be using that in the future" - ha! didn't happen.Good luck!Jasmine
Thanks for the cleaning tips. The flour is what was hard to remove. I wanted to use something in the molds because they were a little intricate & I didn't want the cake or brownie to stick.JasmineP. S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SILVERCAT! R U baking your own birthday cake? My hubby refuses to let me do mine.
Hi! Anyone have any tips for cleaning the silicone molds? I used the cake release when baking, and cleaning them out has taken a lot of effort. I soaked and scrubbed them and finally used a tip cleaner brush (when my other little brush failed). There has to be an easier way! Jasmine
One of the little giveaways I had at my wedding were packages of flowers in a cracker or bread basket by the guest book. I spray painted the basket white, glued some lace & pearls on & placed packages of seeds in it with labels printed with wedding bells & our names & the date. I also typed on the labels poems for the 2 different seeds. On Daisies it "He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, we tied the knot!" & on Forget Me Nots - "Just because we tied the knot, we...
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