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3" would be good just cut the cake a little to make it flat to balance.  Put 3-4 straws & definitely a dowel all the way through the cake & drum.    What I would do is put the HOLE in the 3" board beforehand going from the underneath the board, then put a dowel into the cakes below & leave enough dowel extended above that will got through each part  of the ball cake but about 2" below where the top would be.  Put some icing on the board, put the cake on it, cover  with...
I would also put a dowel through the ball, bottom cake & drum.  I use that or 3 dowels when I make my soccer ball cakes.  Good luck!
Thank you for the pics!  They are helpful!  Wish me luck!  I'm using fondant instead of gumpaste.  Not getting the ends as clean but I'll probably cover them with flowers or dots.
I better close my mouth before I catch a fly. Just how good were her cakes? I think she needs to look to friends & family who really think she is good & worth the investment. I can see where she is frustrated trying to save up for a store on the weekend cakes but if she isn't making a profit there, she should cut her losses. Not an easy business I'm sure. Good luck with getting your storefront.
One of the things I like is that if you click above the most saved where it says "View more most saved" you can see a number of photos vs. having to arrow to see the others. I don't think you could do that before, could you?
I don't hate the layout but I noticed that a lot of my cake photos are gone. I put them all here for reference and they are gone! Is that for good?
Sorry, can't get the picture loaded. Look in my recent photos at the one "Say Cheese" with the cheese wedge. There is a mouse standing on the cheese. I tried that burgundy color years ago & it was a waste. Wound up going in a whole different direction on the cake. Advantages of making what you want, for nothing, for friends & family. lol Good luck!
I hope I get the picture in here this time.
I used chocolate fondant & added red to make the mouse's graduation gown. Maybe adding more red would get the color you want? Wilton makes a "no taste" red food color.
I am so jealous! Those girls are so talented. Love the team work. Such a cute cake. I have been wanting to make one & they make it look so easy. I was wondering I should do it on a cake with buttercream only or cover it in fondant. Anyone have an opinion either way?
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