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Hmmmm….no pictures on this "tutorial"
When I do that, my fiancé always asks if I just deflated
I wonder if the MOG mentioned her beef to the bride at all?
Yes, definately just on the groom's cake 
Thank you for your advice.  If was considering 50%.  The whole situation is complicated with the MOG paying, but the bride ordering because MOG didnt follow through in time.  I'll send her a check for 50% of the groom's cake and call it a day.  I'm not upset about the situation at all, I just needed a little guidance in dealing with the MOG 
She paid for everything except the deposit bride had paid at consult.  She bride was going to send me CC # later that same day when she was off work 
Hello all!  I am trying to decide how to deal with a refund request.  PLease tell me what you would do.   A bride contacts to set up a tasting and design consult.  At the appointment with her was her mom and sister.  She places a large order and tells me that they definitely  want a groom's cake to celebrate the groom's 30th birthday that was taking place just days before the wedding.  The bride tells me that the groom's mom will be contacting me place to order as she is...
Dry cleaning bags work great! Non skid liner in bottom of box and stack away 
I like Victoria Rose Cake Company
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