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I have used all three techniques. I take into account what the design is and how much detail there is. Some of my cookies only have fondant and some use fondant and royal icing. Some have layers and some don't. Can't tell you which is the most time consuming, it all depends on the design. Check out my cookies. HTH
My get like that when the humidity is high or if I use too much vodka on the brush. Make sure you take the excess vodka off your brush on the side of the bowl. The remedy is time....leave the fan on them and they may be dry by tonight. HTH
I live in TX also and I use a dough that is high in butter. I refrigerate my dough and take it out of the refrigerator about 45 minutes before i want to use it. I like to use it while is still cool but no cold. After I cutout my cookies and they are on the cookie sheet I pop the whole thing in the refrigerator for a good 15 to 20 minutes until they are well chilled. They go in to the oven straight from the refrigerator. They hold their shape beautifully. I use...
I have used these cutters before and I use MMF all the time. Your MMF will tear once your remove the top cookie. I always use royal to stick them together or sometimes a little corn syrup. I really do not see an issue with them tearing because once they remove the top cookie it is because they are being eaten. The top cookie will not fall off once the royal icing dries. I not sure I am helping you but this is my experience. Good Luck.
I use ribbon all the time on my fondant covered cookies. Use just a dab of corn syrup or royal icing. Hold in place just for a second with your finger and let dry. Works everytime. Check out my pics. HTH
Let the royal icing or glaze sit for a few minutes after you mix it and the air bubbles will rise to the top. Give it a stir or two to pop the air bubbles and you will be good to go. If you see air bubbles on your cookies immediately after you decorate them just pop them with a clean straight pin. HTH...
BIG SCAM....Run and run fast
I just move the container to the counter and let them thaw untouched. I don't refrigerate them or uncover them. They come out perfect.
I have only used the sugar cookie and chocolate cookie recipes from this book. My favorite gingerbread cookie recipe is Martha Stewart's. Its is a thick, cakey cookie type. My family and friends really like it. HTH
Lindsey, sign up for beginner cake decorating classes. I took mine at the local Michaels craft store. I believe this is where most people start. You will learn the basics there. Good Luck...
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