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I keep a sticky lint roller on hand. After pulling up my hair and putting on the net I use the roller to get anything that is loose on my uniform, shoulders, arms and then again on my apron after I put it on.
glaze/frosting like gran used to make. She cooked it and as it became slightly thick poured it on her cakes and it was kinda crunchy not hard. Anyone elses gran do this would love the recipe.
Well today looking for something different to make for the Christmas eve party I opened up my vintage Betty Crocker recipe boxes and pulled out a 1971 card for bite size cake treats and yep there they are cake balls.It says cut leftover angel food cake into 1-2 inch squares and gently mold into balls prepare our fluffy white frosting mix and dip cake balls into frosting and roll in shredded coconut. Pretty neat to find an old recipe like that. Nice surprise.
used in Noga Hitron's cupcake book. Where can I find them?? There is no listing in the book for suppliers at all.
what ever its called its striking. I just happened to stumble onto the website. Fell in love at first sight.
and what is it called?
Thanks for the info!!!!
Im having issues with weight for cake dummies. They need a little bt more weight other than what they themselves weigh to ice. The base dummy is hot glued to the board and I use a rubbery shelf liner to hold it in place to work on. Help.
anyone know where I can buy Alpine or sweetex at wholesale?
The consistancy is fine, just orangy color that I cant stand. May have to go with something else since I really dont want to use 2 bottles of bright white on each batch.
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