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Hi tru71, I'm responding to your post due to my very recent experience with an unwanted, 2 tier cake I made for my niece.I baked the cakes on Monday, decorated and stacked on Tuesday, my sister was to pick it up on Wednesday. But due to an unfortunate, bad case of morning, (noon and night) sickness she couldn't come. The cake sat, untouched til Saturday night. I just couldn't bring myself to throw it away! I decided to at least taste it before I did so. A "shelf life" test...
I didn't like mine either. Used it twice, the 2nd time was just to confirm. It will kindly be donated. Doesn't even compare to hand made cakeballs.
Great tutorial, Thanks!
Come close? how about broke down, got back up and broke down again! There have been days I've said I don't ever wanna see another cake in my life! But you can bet by the next weekend I'm going thru withdrawal.
Crazyboutcakes is about right. The rice crispy treats are better for molding a head. If i can help it, I prepare the head at home and attach it at the party place to prevent any movement. Good luck!
That's cool! Thanks for the link
I know i can always come here for a laugh! your replies are awesome! I love that one will assume because you bake at home that you're cheap.
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