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Used Isomalt and followed directions step by step. when i take my bottle out of the mold it starts to soften and than deflats flat. My ice cubes and shot glasses are all fine though. what could possibly be wrong? please help!
I always get the Merckens Super White the regular white is a bit more on the ivory side.
Hi was just wondering what is underneath the mold as your pouring the sugar in just in case some leaks out?
Thank you so much never knew there were so many different ways gotta love cc!!
How do you apply edible images to fondant cakes? ive seen it done i just dont know how its done- thanks.
Calling all those who have made diaper bag cakes, what are your prices??? Need help determining what to charge. Thanks!
Thank you!
I have to shape a hat out of rice krispies, I've seen them add melted chocolate to the molded rk. Now do I then add the fondant while the chocolate is still wet or am I letting the chocolate dry and then putting the fondant?
Thank you
When molding with rice krispies do you crumb coat with buttercream and then put the fondant or do with coat it with melted marshmallows and then put the fondant? first time dealing with RK so im unsure how i go about this any input is greatly appreciated!
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