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How about a chocolate cream cheese icing? I just tried this last week for a cake and it was delicious. Also, I sometimes make a chocolate swiss meringue that is always a big hit and everyone thinks it's chocolate mousse.
Thanks for the info! I've definitely noticed a difference the few times I've used a different brand of flour. That's great to know.
Thanks to everyone for the responses. I went back to Annie Eats sugar cookies and added a 1/4 cup of flour. Seems to do the trick! They aren't spreading at all. Once these cookies are completed I'm going to go back and see if I could fix the problem I've been having with Karen's cookies. They are by far the best tasting sugar cookie.
Thanks everyone. Yes, I chill my dough, cut, chill again in fridge and then throw in freezer for 5 min before putting in oven. Maybe I'll try cutting them again once they come out of the oven.
I'm really not sure if anyone can even help me at this point but either way I need to vent!I started making cutout sugar cookies years ago. I started with Karen's Basic Rolled Sugar Cookie. It worked great and tasted delicious! Held it's shape so well. Went on a baking break for a year and when I started making cookies again, that recipe kept spreading, a lot! I have tried sooooo many recipes since then and have nothing but spreading problems. Tried, NFSC, Annie's...
aquamom - thanks for looking!LaurenLuLu - that's a great idea. I'll try searching for that.Thanks!
USA...I've seen certified organic cookies and cakes on the internet and I could tell by some of the designs they've used a pen.
Does anyone know if they make these?? I've been searching for these and can't find them anywhere. I know they make natural food coloring though and was hoping they would have made pens also to write on cookies.
Thanks! Going to try it tonight.
Is anyone still using the original recipe for a Better White Scratch Cake and getting good results?
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