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Thanks for the link to the website!  I typically have used a scale to ensure that my pans are equally filled so this link gives me another great option when my scale can't handle the size :)   Nicole
Hello,   I am looking for some advice on how many batches of batter I will need to make for using a half round 18 x 2" pan.  Any advice would be great!   Thanks,   Nicole
KelleyM,Thank you that site was what I was looking for! Side note: just got CakeBoss and I love it! Now to find the time to input all my recipes and remember to input purchases!Thanks,Nicole
I looked at the link and didn't see GA on there. I thought it would have been but am happy to see CA in the works. Considering how saturated the market for home bakers is here in GA I was surprised to not see it. Does anyone know if GA is considering anything? I am catching up on it all since moving here recently.
I just got some dummies because then I am not spending money making cakes and they can all be reused as can the coating. Also, even though I keep giving them away, I sneak a bite here and there and I need to stop being tempted!
Mine comes because I went to Virginia Tech (GO HOKIES!!) and I do three day eventing with my horses so I combined the two.
I mix my cake scraps with some creamer/liqueur/coffee, etc. Whatever liquid I want to use to bind them (I add a little at a time so it is not mushy) and then I roll them and bake them till drier on the outside. I then use a toothpick to dip in chocolate ganache. This baking seems to help with the texture and creates a little "crust" which helps keep them from falling apart.
Interesting about the cilantro. it explains so much since it is a flavor I HATE!!!! It does taste like soap.
Like some of the posters I can definately tell artificial sweetners and flavors and think American BC is overly sweet. This is one of the reasons I prefer scratch cakes for myself. That said I loved this thread as I am always looking for a good doctored box recipe for times when I want to not do all the crazy work of scratch and want something that will turn out perfect each and every time. I also find a lot of people associate what they know as cake with the textures...
I am making sabyon with fruit. It is easy and light after a big meal but looks elegant and everyone things I worked hard on it
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