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Thank you for the help.
I am not sure where to go, but I have been having alot of trouble logging in. I have not been on the sight for awhile and when I tried to log on, there was no place to do it. I got here through an e-mail from cake central. Could someone please help me. I really want to start visiting the sight again. Thank you.
I personally think she is jealous of you and your talent. I believe that is why she treated you this way. If that is the case, she is not a good friend to you. Please don't take offense, this is just my opinion. I hope this situation resolves in your favor.
I don't know if this will help or not, but I substitute applesause for oil or butter in cakes and they come out fine and are very moist. I use the same amount of applesauce as oil needed in recipe. HTH
So sorry this happened to you!((HUGS)) I am sure they will love it anyway as it was made with love.
I add vanilla, almond and butter extracts to my buttercream and MMf. Tastes great.
I am sooo sorry you were both so disrespected. There would definitely NEVER be a next time. People can be so rude and ignorant sometimes. (((HUGS))) Remember you are the better person and these people do not deserve your hard work and talent.
Not again!
You can use the recioe for Wilton buttercream and just use all shortening instead of half butter and use another liquid instead of milk. It crusts well also. Hope this helps.
Thank you all so much for your imput. I agree I need to weed out some of the things to go on it. That was my biggest problem! I did see the baseball cake the Cakegirls made and that is sort of what I am going for without copying their design. I will post pics. The party is not until the 29th of this month. Thank you all again. (I tend to suffer from overdecoratingitis sometimes and need to be reeled in!) lol
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