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I recently pulled two of my cake pics because of this same reason. Over 150 views and 1 save, but no comments.
cakegrandmaIf you go to the first page of this thread Macsmom has all her flavors listed there. Here is the link:
Here is a thread on Nutella. HTH
Magic Line is also a great pan. IMHO
SarahJaneI'm not sure if you have seen this thread before but here it is and I'm adding the link for the google document for all the recipes too. Have fun!
Hi I make the Wasc all the time into cupcakes. I'm sure the flavored wasc would work too. Happy Baking!
Here's the link for it:
cats242I baked a 13x9 chocolate cake in a mirro cake pan and a 13x9 chocolate in a calphalon cake pan and the mirro one sank in the middle too. I've also had a problem with my white cake sink in one of my wilton cake pans and it doesn't happen when I bake the same recipe in my magic line. I beginning to think it has something to do with my pans.
Here is another link with variations at the bottom of the recipe.
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