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Does anyone know how to build a toilet cake? I saw great pictures, but I'm not sure what sizes of cakes do I need to bake.Thanks a lot...
Well, I had the same problem before with Satin Ice. Everytime that I tried to cover the cake it cracks... I try to rub shortening on it but it takes to long to fix and still does not look good. I got a new brand from Decopac and I'm very pleased. I hadn't experience any problems. No MFF... I like practical things, you got to be productive on the kitchen... why spend time making something when you have a quality and easy product available? call me lazy, but it is my theme!
Does anyone knows the shelf life of the cream cheese filling? How long can I keep it on the refrigerator? Thanks y'all
I got an order for a cake and they just called me to cancel because the birthday girl got sick. Well, I already had everything done, the cake I'll freeze but the strawberry cream chese filling...I don't know what to do. They'll need the cake in 2 weeks. Does anyone knows the shelf life of this filling? How long can I keep it on the refrigerator?Thanks y'all
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