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my husband bought me a Projecta Scope w/extention arm to clamp to a table. You can put small pictures of almost any clip art color or black and white in it and project it on top of the cake. I did a bridal shower sheet cake that way. It had two flying doves holding a ribbon between them. I outlined it with #3 tip and buttercreme icing for writing. Then I filled in similar to doing character cakes.
Thats scary that someone even wants to celebrate their divorce. Happy Divorce? Sorry no ideas for that but alot of prayer for all involved.
Can someone tell me if it is o'k to put the stem of a flower directing into the frosting on a cake? This cake is being served in August at an outdoor reception so I'm also concerned about the flowers wilting. Is there some kind of plastic water holders that I will need to use for each flower to prevent this? The cake is four layers stack construction with daisies on the top edges of all the layers. Please help!
I heard about a recipe that has mayonaise in it. Does anyone have this recipe? I heard it was delicious! Catt
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