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I actually used Wilton a couple of times. I used a lot and I do mean a lot of the butter flavoring and mixed with it as you would the gel coloring. Made my DH taste it to make sure that is tasted better. If not added more. I used it before I found CC and MMF. I tried MMF and found that it taste heavenly especially compared to what I was using. Can't wait to try Satin Ice. Hope to be getting some soon!!
Well I am also a CC addict. I used to tease my husband about staying up till all hours looking at car stuff and had trouble believing him when he said he was not up looking at porn. So I would ask him if he was looking at car porn. So that has been on an on going joke between the two of us. I was rotflmao when I read this above. So now I guess he has his and I have mine and we will live happly ever after!
I get this same phone call all the time at work!! I will have to use your model numbers and see what kind of response I get!!!
Wow, Doug that is impressive, I would have drove myself crazy with this one, but you made it sound so simple!!! Your the man!!!
I am so glad you asked this, I have been wondering this myself!!
I think your baby looks awesome for it being the first time you have ever made one!! Keep practicing on those animals and they will look as good as your baby!!
Did you shut your computer down and reboot it? If not try that.
If you figure out how to do this and get a way with it please let me know!! I will try this out on my coworkers!!
I think that is a great idea!!
Thanks for the wonderful idea. I was debating on buying those, but now I will just try your way.
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