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Hi All!!I was just curious to find out if anyone knew of restrictions for being a cookie/cakes/baked goods vendor at a craft show. I'm in NJ and i bake mostly for friends and family but there is a craft show that i was considering getting a table for - i just wanted to see if anyone else knew of any restrictions for home baking or could give me some tips.
I just love making cookies and i was wondering - what is the best Food Marker to use on RI or Fondant? I have the wilton ones but i can never get the color to come out and they are always so hard they wind up making a depression or drag mark in the Fondant. I'm going to me making large batches of cookies and for the finer details its easier on the hands to use the food marker than to pipe RI!! Any ideas and hints would be GREATLY appreciated
This is simply amazing! Thank you!!!!
Thanks pursuing_perfection and Renaejrk! You know i never thought of one of those plastic storage containers - one with the shorter sides, awesome. The info is MUCH aprreciated, thank you!!!
Hi Everyone, i have come across a small obstacle. I have a birthday party that i am gifting a cake to this saturday. The party is being held outdoors in a picnic setting and is about an hour from my house. I have one 12X18 cake filled and 2 smaller non filled cakes. My question is how long will these cakes last outside in approximately 70 degree weather? We will be at a venue but i don't believe there will be access to a fridge or freezer. I can fit the 2 small cake in a...
Well by freezer isn't big enough either so looks like im going to bake on wednesday! Thanks!!!
So I have a big week this week, I have to make 3 cakes - 1 large and 2 small that have to be done for Saturday. I only have a regular sized fridge. My questions are - how long in advance can i bake the cakes and leave out covered? and how long can i leave a crumb coated cake out of the fridge? If i cleared out my fridge completely i could probably fit all the cakes but if i can hold off on doing that until they are at least iced it would save me a ton of time and $$. I've...
Thanks farmersbell!!
great! I've been wanting to try the vanilla Caramel Coffeemate but was afraid i would ruin the BC. Thanks!!
I've seen topics about putting Coffee Creamer in cake mixes to add different flavorings, i was wondering if it would work the same in BC? Just omit the vanilla and add the coffee creamer (liquid) in lieu of the milk? Or would i leave the vanilla? I don't see why it wouldn't work unless there is something in the CoffeeMate that would keep the BC from crusting... any ideas?
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