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Knead it well and it will turn purple again. It happened to me last year.
I only make fake (faux) cakes and use this method. I have cakes that are 3+ years old and the fondant has darkened over time.
I often just use some royal icing to fill the imperfection and then smooth it with the side of my hand. If it is a deep crack/hole build up the icing in layers.
Soften the upper edge to keep it from tearing the fondant.Lightly cover the foam with water or shortening. Shortening allows you to easily remove the fondant to shift it's location.Let each layer sit for a few hours to a few days to firm up the fondant. Less fingerprints.Unless I am quilting a tier, I put the cake together with some piping gel between the layers before I decorate it.Let it sit a few hours to meld together.I now decorate it. The weight of the whole cake...
Sift your PS first to get rid of the clumps.
In the future, if you have one sticky batch and one dry batch knead the two together in manageable amounts. You will have two perfect batches. I have done this before and it works well and nothing is wasted.
Have you checked Google Images?
If you need anything from eBay in the future go to buy it now and free shipping. I just bought the same cutters for $1.99us and free shipping. The only drawback is it takes about 3 weeks for them to arrive. If you are not in a hurry you can save some extra money.
Add 1 tsp baking soda per pound of fondant/gumpaste.This is a great way to keep the colour of flowers from fading quickly. I have some flowers that are still purple from 2 years ago.
Dusting will help. Keep it in the dark once you are done. Next time you colour something pink or purple add 1 tsp baking soda per pound of fondant, gumpaste or modeling chocolate. It will help to keep the colour from fading.
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