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I have been looking at your posts for half and half cakes. Here is what I came up with and I am wanting to know if anyone has tried it.   Could I use half the batter I normally would in my 1/2 sheet pan (12x18) and bake it until it's done then cut it in half and stack it? Then repeat with the other flavor and place them side by side to make it a whole cake again (12x18)? In my head I'm thinking if I bake it that way I will get about 1" thick cake then stack with...
How deep of a purple is the Fondarific purple buttercream fondant? I just had an order for a cupcake tower for a wedding, but the top tier is going to be an 8" round covered in dark purple fondant. I don't know how else to get it dark purple than to buy it that way. Help me!!  
I just had a customer ask for a German chocolate cake (if I could) with buttercream frosting. What is the difference in taste from a milk chocolate cake? To me, if you aren't doing the German Chocolate cake frosting, then it's really just a chocolate cake. I normally do a WASC but with a chocolate cake mix for my chocolate cakes. Do you think she will notice if I do that rather than a true German chocolate?
I bought an edible image for my daughter's Backyardigans cake. I know it's a cop-out, but I'm not ready to attempt licensed characters yet! Any tips from you experts on how to get it on with ease?
I'm carving a 3D Mater cake for a friend's son. My cakes are always so moist and fluffy that I'm nervous about trying to carve them. Is there a better cake recipe for carving a cake that still tastes good, but holds up to the knife better? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks! I'll try that. Also is there anything I need to know about how long and how to keep them once I have them molded?
Is there a way to slow the drying? Like covering in damp towels?
I am going to attempt to make a gumpaste fisherman, with a boat catching a fish for my husband's birthday. I have never worked with gumpaste before. Any tips or suggestions to make it go easier for me?
My Wilton instructor warned us to not mix for too long and also to make sure you have plenty of water in the frosting. I make my almost running to cover the cake. It sets up really nice. Hope this helps.
Thanks! I will have to try that on my next cake!!
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