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You can get plexi (acrylic) cut to size and drilled at most glass shops. Just FYI, whenever I want the piece last, I use Lexan, it is a little more expensive but more durable.  HTH   
If you are having problems cutting acrylic just check with your local glass shop and they should be able to assist you.
I agree with Koryak, I hate mine and get angry every time I look at them! That is money wasted that I could have used to purchased other cake toys!
Like the above, I used a paper towel with the dots and my grandson who plays football loved how real it looked!!!
You might also want to use some spaghetti noodles or something else to support the ears. I always try to use edible things whenever possible. HTH
Great review! Congrats!
Another tip that I learned a while back is to use a toothpick to "write" on your cake, when that is to your satisfaction, you can then go over it with the frosting/chocolate/piping gel of your choice.
I do this all the time and find it so much easier. Sometimes, I will even ice them on site because I goes so quickly. Good luck! and have a great weekend!
My first thought was the lazy susan also. I have a cheap one that is for my kitchen cabinets and it is small and spins easily. I found it at either walmart or lowes, not sure which. Your idea is exactly what I would do, rkt for the sides, etc.Good luck and don't forget to post pics!
Welcome to your new addiction! I wake up in the morning and check the site, then must check it again before I go to bed at night! You will learn so very much from all of the wonderful people here so find a comfortable spot and have fun!
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