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[LIS [/LIST] I haven't heard anything yet. Thanks for helping out tho
Thbank you!
I'm sorry, I have searched the threads and googled and looked all over the magazine's site and I cannot find anywhere to access my account information other than to check on my subscription status.  Someone please help.  I don't have access to the email associated with my subscription any longer, so I am not getting emails, notices when new issues come out and so on.  Thanks in advance for any help!
Did you ever hear from them???
I haven't read all the posts here, but I saw the leveler question and just wanted to throw this out there.  I have two that look just like the old wilton one, but with a serrated type of wire.  I've been looking for five years for these from a supplier. This past weekend at ICES I finally found them with PME, retail $7.99!!!!  It's a 12" but they also carry an 18" which looks much studier than the big wilton one.  I just thought I'd throw this out there as I have loved...
I have to disagree.  I found shoes there I LOVED.  I bought three pairs in different colors on three different occasions.  I paid $19.99.  The original price was $25, which I paid for one pair.  When they redid the store and "lowered" the prices, I wanted to replace a pair the dog chewed.....they were $39.99!  I told the sales associate I misunderstood, I had heard they lowered the prices.....she said some things went up.  I haven't been shopping there because of that.  
AllaMarie, I love that you did that.  I think if, when these people throw the Diva fit, complaining over nothing, if someone stood up to them and simply said NO, you aren't going to do that to me, they might think twice in the future about lying.  Good job!
I should share with you all the last part of the "story" from yesterday.  I am still shook up and unsure of how to deal with what happened to me at this venue....but I wanted to at least know that things went well with the last night at 9pm I sent the following email and have so far gotten no response:     Hello,  As this day comes to a close I would like to follow up with you on the wedding today. How was the cake received by the bride and groom?...
I agree completely with each of you. I just have to figure out which way to deal with it. Costumeczar, the Really odd thing about this was that I never had any contact with the bride at all. I've never worked like this before. The owner (wife) sent a photo and a list of details (flavors, colors, flowers etc) It's very strange to me but I assume any future weddings there will be handled the same way, Through the owner. I don't think I want to do business there in the...
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