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Thanks for posting pics that I will add to my favorites!
Wow 6 pages already! I haven't gone through all the pics but I definitely will! Thanks for sharing everyone! Keep 'em coming!
Thanks imagenthatnj! It really was very nice. It had a great crumb. Everyone was raving over it! I had to eat two slices LOL Thanks so much for all your help!
How about we start a thread featureing all the gorgeous cakes decorated only with buttercream? I think we had a thread like this before but I can't find it.Here's one of my faves by SeriousCakes
I think she's asking if she should frost the top of bottom tier when it will have a cake board on it anyway? I dunno...
Melvira, I haven't been on here in a long time but dang, your avatar is awesome and you are such a beauty!
I have a thread about the CI White Cake and OMG it was so good! It doesn't require beating egg whites which is what stopped me from making white cakes before. Whipping egg whites is something I don't like doing unless it's SMBC. This cake uses reverse creaming method. It was so good. The crumb was so tender, so moist. Just so delicious! Everyone raved about it and I had to have two slices LOL
The cake was amazing! Best cake ever. Thanks to those who responded
I made it for the first time two weeks ago. I used my stainless mixing bowl to bake the larger part of the cake and a small bundt pan for the top. I thought I would need a LOT of cake but the recipe I used was so great, I only had to double it and it rose like three inches OVER the mixing bowl! I had to bake it a LONG time though and by the time everything was cooked through there was a crust on top. But it still turned out great. Tasted delicious too.
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