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Thanks AgentCakeBaker, I was thinking pure was better too. CIndymm4 I was thinking it might be the brand also but like traci said and others who has use it, they do like it and has no trouble. Do you think I got a bad bottle? Now dragonwarlord1969 am going to have to try that for sure. I guess I will be hunting for those Vanilla beans soon. Kris that is realing scare. How can I tell if it is or not? the bottle was not open. Thanks all, I was wondering this too...
Hi all, I need to ask this because am so new at all this cake baking. A friend and I have been doing some baking and learning how to make the icing and all. At first we were unsing imitation vanilla. Later when I saw a pure vanilla on e-bay I got it thinking it would be better to use. The name of it was Danncy vainilla from mexico. My friend say it makes the icing smell funny and it do not taste the same. She say ahe has had someone say something to her about her...
Hi all, I need help. I cook a pound cake and it taste really good but it also taste dry I tryed to add sour cream to it but it loose that velvet feel to it when I do that. What can I do to get a mosit pound cake without looseing that velvet feel? This is the recipes I use:Pound cake4 cups of cake flour3 cups of sugar6 eggs2 sticks of butter1 teaspoon of vanilla extract1 teaspoon of lemon extracthalf a pint of whipping creamMix sugar and flour. add eggs one at a...
I just happenend to stumble on this site and love it
Good luck Joshsmom, that web site Lisa gave should really help. I copyed it down too. Thanks Lisa
HI (smile)Well, since I am new at this I was not sure if this was how it was done. Thanks for your opinion.S_S_SweetTooth
OH She that is really great!! S_S_SweetTooth
Happy Birthday!!! S_S_SweetTooth
Yeah! I agree with the rest, You did a Great Job. It is beautiful!! You go girl.(Ethel) S_S_SweetTooth
Melinda I am in Columbus Mississippi(smile). How far are we apart ? Do you know?
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